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Learn music production

Learn how to record and produce your own music. My daw of choice is reaper. It’s an incredible piece of software accessible for an affordable price.

I go over the basics of setting up. Tips to help your workflow be as smooth as possible.

My channel is for those looking to get started in music production. Wether it’s recording or making music virtually, I got you!

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I’m the guitarist for Rebel Cumbia. We’re based in NYC and we’re bringing all the cumbia bangers back!

We come from Mexico City, Colombia, Brooklyn, and Monterrey. Each member brings their own take on Cumbia. And Together, we’re Rebel Cumbia.

To hire us for your event:

The Podcast

Two professional musicians (guitarists) covering various aspects of being a musician. The lifestyle, approaches, and strategies.

We also like to talk about music!  We discuss the culture that surrounds it, the heavy hitters in the scene, and points of interests. 


About Me

Issac Hernandez

I hold a Master’s degree in music education. A bachelor’s in music. When it comes to music I can get pretty nerdy. Whether it’s the theory, techniques, culture, etc..

My musical background is pretty ecletic. I grew up with Mexican music, which encompases a wide array of genres and styles. Rancheras, cumbia, boleros, and rock were commonplace during my childhood. 

My later days were surrounded by the sounds of Nirvana, Zeppelin, White Stripes, The strokes, and Arctic Monkeys. It was their music that moved me to further my understanding of the instrument and music. The mentors I came up with were jazz cats. Although it took me a while to understand the music and culture, when it hit, I was in it for good. 

These days I try to expand my horizons by listening to a variety of music. I teach a lot of guitar. I manage social media for NYC Guitar School. I perform with my cumbia band and I make youtube videos where I teach music production. Oh, and I occasionally make websites. 

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