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Becoming a well rounded musician takes dedication across several areas. If we focus too much in one area while neglecting others, our musicianship will eventually suffer. 


Analyzing music is crucial for any musician. Music theory allows us to learn from our heroes and incorporate their ideas into our music.


In order to bring our ideas and music to life we have to train our hands to be able to perform. This takes focused repetition and dedication.


You should study the music that YOU love. Not what you think you're supposed to learn. Music is supposed to be fun.

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My Teaching Philosophy

Absorb What is Useful

There can be a disconnect between the music we want to play and what we practice. My approach is on keeping things practical. Instead of tackling everything under the sun I like to focus on the things that will give you the biggest results.

Concrete Feedback

There is plenty of information and educational resources now a days. The thing is that learning is more than going through information. To built skills efficiently and quickly students need feedback. Constant adjustments will put you on the fast track to crushing your goals.

Learning How to Learn

Through music we can develop effective practices that will yield results. This comes through deliberate practice. One hour of focused practice will serve you way more than 6 hours of non sensical practice. 


To improve we need to have a sense of where we’re going. Having clear goals can help you stay focused. They can also help you filter through all of the resources out there. 

Issac Hernandez

Who I Am

I’ve been teaching guitar for six years. I obtained a B.A in music from City College Of New York. I’m currently working on a masters in music education. I have helped people from all walks life achieve their goals with guitar and music. From hobbyists to aspiring professionals.

Teaching is my passion. I love watching my students crush their goals. They inspire me to keep growing and getting after it. 

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Issac Hernandez

Feel free to check out the podcast. I interview musicians from all genres and dive into their process both for career success and mastery over their instrument.  I also post lessons that relate to guitar and music theory every week, as well as software tutorials and anything else that might help you on your musical journey. 

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