How To Write A Melody

A simple approach to composing a melody. If you’ve ever felt stuck or that you can’t turn your noodling into solid ideas then this is the lesson for you.

Bloody Valentine by MGK Music Theory Analysis

Issac Hernandez Facebook Youtube Instagram Spotify Bloody Valentine- Machine Gun Kelly Music Theory Analysis Why Analyze Music? The study of music has always fascinated me. From the time I started playing power chords and trying to rip solos with the pentatonic scale (which is still 85% of what I do), I asked, how does this […]

The Modes Of The Major Scale

The modes can seem a bit daunting at the beginning.
In reality you only need a few concepts and you’re good to go.
The challenge comes in applying them.
In this lesson I go over a few strategies to get them into your playing without tossing out all of your vocabulary.