How To Write A Melody

A simple approach to composing a melody. If you’ve ever felt stuck or that you can’t turn your noodling into solid ideas then this is the lesson for you.

Bloody Valentine by MGK Music Theory Analysis

Bloody Valentine- Machine Gun Kelly Music Theory Analysis Why Analyze Music? The study of music has always fascinated me. From the time I started playing power chords and trying to rip solos with the pentatonic scale (which is still 85% of what I do), I asked, how does this work? My thirst for understanding music […]

The Modes Of The Major Scale

The modes can seem a bit daunting at the beginning.
In reality you only need a few concepts and you’re good to go.
The challenge comes in applying them.
In this lesson I go over a few strategies to get them into your playing without tossing out all of your vocabulary.