Music Educator | K-12


Hunter College- Master’s in Music Education. 2022

City College of New York- Bachelor’s in Music. 2017

Benefits of Music Education

Helping all students achieve their highest potential, one lesson at a time. 

Good Learning Habits

Through music students can learn the best cognitive practices for improving recall and analytical thinking.

Problem Solving

Students learn to become self starters by breaking problems down and coming up with strategies for improvement.

Overcoming Challenges

Working in the zone of proximal development is essential to every music student's journey.

Lesson Examples & Plans

Blues Lesson

6th grade lesson on blues history, form, and improvisation.

Guitar Lesson Plan

Students learn two new chords. Connecting their knowledge to theory and performance.

Genre & Modern Band Lesson

Students learn about genre, articulation, and punk rock. Performance assessment.

Symphonic Band Lesson Plan

Preparing student for their winter performance by focusing on expressive and technical aspects of music. 

My Teaching Philosophy

I strive to pass on the values, skills, and knowledge that I possess so that my future students are successful in their academic journey.

Familliarity with the challenges that are posed by growing up in NYC is essential to my approach. I’m coming into the classroom not as an outsider, but as one of them. 

My classroom will be a vehicle in which I teach students how to problem solve and overcome obstacles. 

Instructional Technology

Well versed in modern approaches to education. I like to create additional resources to help my students in and outside the classroom. 

I can teach a standard curriculum based around orchestral and symphonic performance, music theory, and aural training.

I’m also a seasoned educator in guitar instruction, modern band, and music production (over six years experience).

Contact Information

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