The Modes Of The Major Scale

Keep It Simple

The modes can seem like a daunting and confusing subject. And at the beginning they are, just like everything else. But once you can wrap your head around a handful of concepts you’ll see that they’re really quite simple.

The  difficult part in grasping the modes is not understanding them but using them. Experiment as much as possible. Try to get that modal sound in your playing without tossing out everything that you’ve worked on so far.

If you’re a rock or blues player don’t throw out all of your pentatonic vocabulary for these seven note scales. Instead just sprinkle the modal sound on top to add color and character.


In The Video Lesson I Go Over

  • The shapes that you’ll need to play each mode
  • The importance of harmony for modal playing
  • The notes/intervals that give each mode their sound
  • How to find any mode in any position
  • Easy ways to combine the modes with what you already know

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