First Blog Post

Hi, my name is Issac Hernandez. I am a musician, teacher, and student. This post is just to get me warmed up. Getting my writer muscle ready. 

This is a musician’s blog.

I want to share my experiences and what I’ve learned from them. I think that it would be interesting (at least to me) to catalog my journey and what I pick up along the way. If this can in anyway help you then all the better!

I haven’t decided if this blog is going to be super niche. So I’m starting with a general approach. I’m going to throw stuff at the wall until something sticks

I’ll keep it music related of course. When I find a subject or approach that resonates with you, then I’ll head in that direction.

What You Can Expect

I’ll be posting weekly. I’m going to explore things outside of specific music lessons. 

I have a YouTube channel where I post lessons. These range from production, guitar, and music theory. When I feel these could be expanded upon I’ll do so here. 

I’ll be staying away from posting written lessons. Mainly because I’m already doing that in video format. 


If You Know The Way Broadly You Will See It In All Things

Miyamoto Musashi

I love this quote! If you can’t tell already I’m a huge fan of martial arts. Definitely expect analogies that involve physical parallels.

It speaks to what I want to express and share with this blog. My contemplative approach to life, music, and the meaning of it all. 

Damn! I didn’t think it would get deep. But the fingers are typing and this is where we are. 

Don’t worry though. I will keep things practical.  I wont subject you to my random stream of thoughts about existence and our place in the universe.

Thanks For Reading!

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Feel free to check out the podcast. I interview musicians from all genres and dive into their process both for career success and mastery over their instrument.  I also post lessons that relate to guitar and music theory every week, as well as software tutorials and anything else that might help you on your musical journey. 

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